How to withdraw from IMGFX to Bank account

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Below is a video of me teaching my dad how to withdraw Millennial money. I call it Millennial money because this is how most Millennials are making an extra income or living is by virtual money. All these years my dad has been taught to earn money by working hard and so the same thought process has been passed down to me.

By early 2000’s when I became familiar with PayPal, my dad had no clue what it was and so I had to teach him. He just never grasped the idea that one could start making a few bucks here and there online and using PayPal to store his money. As the years went by we started buying things through eBay and eventually also sold an item. All of this is what he considers virtual money because at no point did he ever see physical cash or a transaction of it being made from one person to another.

This is what I call Millennial money

Years have passed by and now I had to explain Bitcoin to him. To make it easy on him, I told him it was pretty much the same concept as PayPal. Bitcoin is used for online transactions and you need a virtual wallet (like PayPal) to store Bitcoins. He quickly learned as I have been managing his FX account and taught him how to withdraw from his IMGFX forex broker account.

IMGFX is an offshore forex A-Book broker that offers 1:500 leverage on your forex trades. It has strictly anonymous trading, positive slippage, segregated bank accounts. The client funds are sent to LP (Liquidity provider). Money is safe in case of a black swan event (even if broker goes bankrupt client funds are okay). Prove STP (Straight through processing) business, better pricing, and deposit requirement is only $1 (accepts BTC).

The video below has English closed captions




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Investor / Account Management. Find out more at

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